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Hookers & Hangers – Hangers

The gals over at Falling For Fiction came up with a fun idea for a blog hop.   First (Hookers) and last (hangers) lines are so important, not only for the book, but also for the each chapter.  Those lines should intrigue and titillate,  urging–nay demanding–that the reader continue to the next chapter always anticipating what will come next.  Today, I am posting the last lines of the couple of chapters that I have written in Book III of the Shifters Novel series and maybe a couple from my newest release, Posers.   Let me know what you think, but be kind.  They are from a work in progress. ;)

“She’s coming, and she’s bringing her army with her.”  (Book III, Shifters Novels).

He dropped the metal and bolted out of the door, leaving a trail of ripped clothing behind him.  (Posers)

And he, or his panther anyway, had just made things a hundred times worse. (Posers)

Make sure to check out the others in the blog hop.  You don’t want to miss the unicorns, pantless girls, and more.



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