Teaser Tuesday–Quest

Quest_Cover_for_KindleBy the time they arrived at the emergency room it was the middle of the night. Ty was surprised by how many people were there but a nurse took him right away to an area with a bed and she pulled a curtain around him.

“So much excitement,” Ashi said with shining eyes. “We do not have so much excitement in Bhutan.”

“Yeah, a little too much excitement,” Eduardo said, rubbing his elbow. His tee shirt was torn and one side of his jeans was covered in dirt. His face was dirty too, as were his hands. He had little cuts all over the skin that was exposed. “I’m more beat up than if I had played in the game today.”

“You did a really, really good job, Ed,” Ashi said, smiling. “Do you not give nicknames to people who are your true friends?”

“Yeah, that’s right, Ash. That man…what do you think he wanted?” Eduardo asked. “I couldn’t tell if he wanted something from us or wanted to kill us.”

Ashi tilted her head, puzzled. “If he wanted what we found at the tower, he could have tried to take it while we were still at the tower.”

“Too many houses around.” Eduardo shook his head. “Maybe he wanted to wait until it was an empty stretch of road to try to take it.”

“I’m a little more cynical…probably because I’ve been around a few people who were murdered. He was trying to kill us,” Ty said with finality.

There was silence.

“And, he’s still out there,” Ty added. “Did either of you get a good look at his face?”

Ashi and Eduardo shook their heads.

Eduardo poked his head out the curtain to look around. “Where is that doc anyway?”

“Let me look at your arm,” Ashi said.

She stood and faced Ty, looking into his eyes. He dropped the gauze pad he was holding to the injury, revealing a red, open wound that had stopped bleeding. She raised her hand and just barely touched her fingertips to it. She smiled.

“Same as before. Good as news.” She barely spoke above a whisper.

He felt tingling in his upper arm.

She removed her fingertips and continued to look into Ty’s eyes smiling. He could hardly stand the intensity of her stare. He tore his eyes away from hers and looked at his arm. There was nothing but intact, tan skin. His eyes shot to Eduardo’s to see if he witnessed the same thing. Eduardo was staring agape.

“Awesome trick, Ash,” he said quietly.

“Thanks, Ed



Ashi’s hand moved to Ty’s face and she cupped his cheek. Ty put his hand over hers. “I’m safe with you, right?” he asked quietly.

Ashi nodded.


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