Project 50 (Win Shifters Nation Swag!)

Hello Shifter Nation,

There is a mission for you, should you choose to accept.

I have received so much positive feedback about the first two books of the Shifters Novel series, which is great. I love that you all are reading and enjoying my books. It’s why I write.

That positive feedback can really help me, if you post a review on Amazon. The more reviews I have, the more Amazon will promote my books, and the more people will find out about Interlopers and Posers. 50 is the sweet spot (thus the clever mission name).That’s where you come in. I would be so ever so grateful if you would write a review for Interlopers on Amazon. To qualify as a review, it has to be at least a couple of sentences long.


Definitely be honest and let other readers know what you really think.If you need more incentive, other than helping out yours truly, there’s swag. Leave a qualifying review between now and September 1, and you will be entered to win a Shifters Nation Swag Pack with neat stuff including a t-shirt and a copy of Posers: A Shifters Novel.  Plus, the Interlopers eBook is only $.99 from now until Labor Day (click on the cover below to purchase).

So there it is: your mission, should you choose to accept it. (I hope you will.) This message will self-destruct in 50 seconds. Sorry about your computer.

L. M. Davis


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